The Academy

We provide and develop training because we strive to provide the best possible Aftercare.

The academy primarily provides internal training courses for new and affiliated licensees and franchisees. These are the intensive starter programs and then individual coaching.
In addition, various floor trainings and workshops are offered.
Participation in intervision is a required part of the collaboration with Aftercare.World.

“By continuously following training courses we get the best out of ourselves and out of each other”

Training, lectures and information

In addition to our internal training offer, we offer training courses and workshops that contribute to better communication after a loss. For specific target groups such as managers but also on location, such as on the work floor, schools, associations etc.
We like to inform about the effects for relatives of behavior and words and try to give people thoughtful and new insights in a playful and humorous way.
Where required, we provide lectures about our work, but also about what everyone can do or can do better. The training offer is becoming more and more extensive. Where possible, the training is provided by trainers from Aftercare.World but we also work with external experts.
Would you like more information about the training offer?
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