Becoming a partner

Aftercare.World provides partners the opportunity to work with the unique concept!

“Aftercare.World” is the name of the overarching organisation. It provides services and connects licensees from different countries.
If required, we use the name that best describes our work for your country.

At Aftercare.World we work on behalf of the funeral services and call and visit the bereaved. Funeral Directors can benefit greatly from cooperation with Aftercare.World. In addition to providing (after)care, it is a relatively cheap, valuable marketing instrument.

We provide independent aftercare, make contact with people, reach out, mobilise and connect where necessary.
We work on the basis of the strength of the people and their environment, and offer (after)care if they are unable to arrange things or get stuck because of their grief.

The Aftercare.World method has its own signal function and is able to prevent all kinds of problems, which may arise for people after a loss, such as, for instance social isolation. It is an added value for the society of any country.

The Aftercare.World method offers only advantages for all those involved.

“We work on the basis of the strength of the people”

Worldwide collaboration

By collaborating with different cultures and their services, we learn from each  other and become even more complete in our service provision to the bereaved, so that we (can) always have an answer to their unique questions. We promote aftercare, its preventive function and the absolute human and social added value for all countries.

Aftercare.World connects people (and services) worldwide in an honest, customised way, as needed.