Who are we?

Aftercare.world is an independent organisation, which provides care for the bereaved in a unique and personal way.

We are based in The Netherlands and collaborate with partners in other countries. These partners (master franchisee) obtain their licence under strict conditions and receive practical advice in order to get organised regionally and roll out nationally by use of regional branches (franchisees). Subsequently, these branches can start working in accordance with the unique concept.

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We are socially responsible, which is noticeable from all our activities and in all the business elements. Each aspect of our organisation considers the environment, uses existing facilities as much as possible and attempts to realise cost reduction.

Everyone works in a controlled way and according to core values: Completely independent, personal, reliable, sincere and caring. Aftercare.World is accessible for all the bereaved and the (after)care is always based on the unique human being.

“Completely independent, personal, reliable, sincere and caring”

We strive to provide the best aftercare and therefore we are being trained  continuously. We also like to provide room for our partners and employees to develop and to work in accordance with their qualities and interests. Where  possible, all those involved in the company participate.