Read what others think of the unique care that Aftercare.world offers.

Aftercare.World is a good method to assist people after a loss. The biggest advantage is that it doesn’t differentiate. Many people think they can assess what care is needed. This applies to both funeral directors as well as the family and friends of the deceased. However, it is unpredictable how people react after loss or where they encounter problems.

The formula of Aftercare.World approaches all bereaved with open questions. Aftercare.World doesn’t distinguish between people, and neither do we distinguish in questions. All questions are answered by relatives. Whether it concerns grief, administration or to ask about cleaning up the house, Aftercare.World wants to provide all the answers. The formula is developed to focus on independence, quality, sincerity and creativity.

Funeral services working with us, encounter many advantages. They provide an additional service to their customers and in this way extend the contact with their clients. They can ask the Aftercare.World consultant questions and advise their families to call us if they run into problems at an earlier stage.

We find that many bereaved talk with others about this extra service and that funeral services who work with us receive more requests because of it.
The formula has inspired us to create a cooperative. Each branch is an independent company and a member of the cooperative which works with the license of Aftercare.World. We ensure that follow-up care after loss remains affordable and that it is therefore accessible to all bereaved. We see ourselves as a social enterprise.

We are grateful to Wendy van der Kooij for developing and deploying the Aftercare.World Formula. Because of her through, many bereaved have gotten the help they needed and many problems have been prevented. We would like to give all funeral directors and all those in mourning the care that Aftercare.World can provide.

Coöperatie Nunazorg u.a. (Aftercare.World Netherlands), 7 oktober 2016

“After a loss, you fairly quickly delve into matters of family as funeral leader. Together you provide the final care. What are the wishes for the funeral? Those are questions you almost never talk about with friends and family.

The days after death you get a bond with the family, you get closer. After the funeral, there are a number of contact moments, but eventually that also has to be let go. I personally like the feeling of passing “the baton” to Aftercare.World.
They accompany the families, contact them. Bereaved get a chance to talk about what’s on their mind, what they’re confronted with or just talking about the entire situation. The people around them simply go on, but for the bereaved time stands still and that’s where Aftercare.World comes in.
It can be about listening, questions such as ‘how do I find closure or how do I transfer something to my name’, but Aftercare.World can also refer you to help in the neighbourhood. Aftercare.World also has a large network.
Aftercare knows no time. Sometimes one or two conversations is enough and sometimes it takes more than a year. But the bereaved know that they can always fall back on Aftercare.World.
Should circumstances arise and something were to happen to your own Aftercare.World attendant, then their tasks are taken over by a colleague.
For me, Aftercare.World is a very valuable addition to my services. It literally takes care of everything.”
Mirelle Draaijer, funeral director, september 2016